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Storytelling is the most effective form of education.

Terry Tempest Williams, author

Matthew Taylor offers hard-hitting, eye-opening training that enables participants to identify and harness the science of storytelling to engage, motivate, inspire, and persuade.  


The science of storytelling works. Whether your goal is to fire up a company to move in a new direction and achieve new goals…to get a team to work together and share a common vision…or to simply be more impactful in your presentations, one-on-one meetings or team meetings. 


By understanding the reasons why audiences are compelled by story, individuals will identify how to craft a compelling story using the facts and emotions in a deliberate way, allowing your audience to connect at a deeply human level.

You become a better leader.

Public Speaker

Leaders / Managers

As a leader, you will receive specific training on the science of storytelling and develop and refine your own story during the training. This foundational lesson will continue to inform the importance of incorporating story in other facets of your business practice.

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Groups / Teams

Storytelling training to a group of individuals is a fun, effective way to lift each person up into a stronger, more persuasive, more effective communicator. They recognize the importance of their personal narrative, and how that can translate into influencing others in an authentic way.

Business Owner


With so much competition, and so many layers of filtering, it’s essential you get your story across powerfully, simply and effectively. Facts, figures and statistics alone won’t get you that position…or allow you to be remembered. Facts and figures wrapped in a compelling story will open doors and minds.

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